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Harry Potter

MAGIC is the bonding of one's imagination and creativity

HP is all about this and more. I love this book. I don’t know how many times I have read it and don’t know how many more times I can read it. Even now I am interested to read the book. It’s full of suspense (now the suspense leads to the last book, not just to the climax of that book). It’s a story of good and bad. It’s a complete story – which has everything one can think of and it’s definitely not just for children. Once u start reading it, you can’t do anything else until you stop – it has got such power.

The book gives me such pleasure that I couldn’t just put it in the main page. I had to dedicate a separate page. Here I will put everything I felt about the books and what I think is going to come up in the last book.

ohhhhh.. I can’t wait till the last book comes. The speculated date for the release Harry Potter 7 is 07/07/07 as 7 is magically the most powerful number ;). JK come on… I cant wait!!!



At last I have decided that my blog will also play host to my views on the Harry Potter series. I actually didn’t want it to mix this up with the other things that I post in my blog but I could find no other alternative and so, I will be including it here itself.

I will try to do my level best to come up with the latest news on the last book.


Actually I had thought of posting all my views in this page only but it doesn’t work out well. So I will put that in the main page itself. This link will take you to the page dedicated to the category “Harry Potter” – all my Harry Potter views in one place.

My posts in an orkut community
I have been posting my views in Harry Potter related communities in orkut for a long time now. If you are interested and if you are a member of orkut, you can check out my views in this link. I have posted the same views in many orkut communities. The response I got varies. This is the community in which I got the least response and I am utilizing that to my advantage. πŸ˜€ It’s easier to go through all my views in this community as there are practically no responses here and all my views are posted here like it is done in a blog!!!

JK Rowling’s interview just after the release of HBP
There’s lots of good revelations.

JK Rowling’s interview given to BBC
This interview was JK's second after the release of HBP. JK hints that Snape and Dumbledore hadn’t made any plan!!!!

Dumbledore is not dead
This site is logical and presents the views of those who believe Dumbledore is alive(like me πŸ˜€ ).


Mugglenet's review on Snape:
Snape is a double-crosser
Snape – the Dark Lord
Mugglenet’s review on RAB:
Editorial by Grace Li
Editorial by B. J. Texan
Its really interesting reading (Mugglenet is one of JK’s official fan sites).

Black’s Family Tree:
An incomplete but clear tree
A complete but blurred tree
JK had intentionally revealed the tree in those 2 forms to puzzle the viewers. It definitely is difficult to analyze those trees.
Fortunately, we have a site like Wikipedia which researched both the trees and put up –
The complete and clear Black’s Family Tree
so that all of us can easily analyze it.
Wikipedia rocks!!!!!
This is a decisive clue which points to RAB being Regulus Arcturus Black.

As clear as water
Mugglenet’s review on the Draught of Living death.

Aunt Petunia
She has definitely more to her than what it seems to us. HP Lexicon has come up with an interesting research.

Sneak Peek into Book 7
Most of them are pretty obvious but they were worth reading. Good work by the Leaky Cauldron to pile all that (Leaky Cauldron is one of JK’s official fan sites).

A short and informative summary of my IDOL Albus Dumbledore.

Time line
It’s difficult to analyze the happenings in the Harry Potter series w.r.t. time. HP Lexicon has come up with this great research.

Mugglenet’s review on MOM
A dull review about the Ministry of Magic.


JK's Official Site

Leaky Cauldron
HP Lexicon


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