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September 6, 2006

Lage Raho Munnabhai

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Subah hogayi Maaamu..

Good morrrniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!

Welcome to Gandhigiri, the opposite of dadagiri.

Lage Raho Munnabhai is, like its predecessor, a feel-good movie with a message; a movie with Sunil Dutt and Arshad Warshi in the role of their lifetimes; a movie with perfect comic timing; a movie with bindaas entertainment; a movie which will keep you laughing almost from start till end; a movie with genuine, everlasting comedy; a movie which you can watch umpteen number of times.

Apna Munna and Circuit are back, in a completely different scenario, working as con-men for Lucky Singh (Boman Irani in a completely different role), a sardarji builder.

Munna is fida over the voice of RJ Jhanvi (Vidya Balan). Jhanvi conducts a contest on Gandhi, the winner getting a chance to meet her; and Munna wins it (guess how?? 😉 ). Jhanvi believes him to be Professor Murali Prasad. She asks him to give a lecture on Gandhi in her house – II Innings, where her grandfather’s friends live with them. Munna is forced to research about Gandhi. It is then that Munnabhai meets Mahatma Gandhi.

Life seems to be going Munna’s way but after some time, problems galore arise in Munna’s life. He gives up dadagiri and picks up Gandhigiri. The film then shows how there is a solution for every problem in Gandhigiri.

Sanju Dada and Arshad are perfectly suited to the roles. There can be no other Munna and Circuit! Vidya Balan has got screen presence and is vivacious. She suits the role well and has done a good job. She has a bright future and hopefully she will keep getting good roles. Boman Irani has got a different role and has done justice to his role (I miss Dr. Asthana 😦 ).

The music is ok. It suits the film well. Pal Pal Pal is a beautiful song.

The script, dialogues and direction is fantastic. Hats off to Rajkumar Hirani – for recreating the magic. It isn’t an easy job to make a sequel live up to its hype and he has successfully achieved it!!

Though it is tough to compare the 2 movies, I will be prejudiced towards Munnabhai MBBS as I have watched it many times. Dr. Asthana’s character is hard to recreate ;). Maybe if I watch Lage Raho Munnabhai few more times I will change my opinion.

Anyway, this movie is definitely good and is definitely going to be a super hit. I am waiting to know if Hirani is preparing for another sequel. Will he be able to create another script as good as this one???? I hope he does.

As for now, I am thinking of watching the movie again 😀 .

Lage Raho Munnabhai

Highly recommended. A must watch.

Statutory Warning : It contains non-violence.


March 2, 2006

My Autograph

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This is the remake of the Tamil hit Autograph. The Kannada film industry is definitely making a lot of remakes. (Again, I watched this my friends Rajath, CS, GN and Harsha, but this time in a theatre)

The story is different, realistic and pleasant. The hero travels through his past memories – his childhood days, his teens, his coming of age, etc and how the love emotion, the hero experiences changes from phase to phase.

The hero(Sudeep) sets out to give invitations for his wedding. He decides to go the places where he had once lived and give invitations to all those whom he knew there. First, he goes to his native village where he had studied high school. Then, he goes to Kerala, as his father is shifted there. Atlast, he comes to Bangalore for a job. In each of the 3 phases, theres a girl who comes close to his heart. How his life changes through each phase and how his feelings change for those girls in each phase forms the story?

The story is well handled. I cant comment much on the direction since its a remake. Sudeep and Meena(I loved Meena’s role – would love to have a friend like that) have done justice to their roles. The music isnt worth mentioning.

Without comparing it with the Tamil version(I havent watched that), the movie is worth watching once. These kind of movies have more quality than entertainment value and I personally would like to watch more such movies (and enjoy them too) than the usual masala ones but not many would enjoy them.

Chronicles of Narnia

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It was a long time since I wanted to watch the movie. Atlast my friend Sandy gave me it’s original DVD. Though a theatre is always better than the TV or the PC, atleast i get to watch somehow now. (I watched it in my house with my friends Rajath, CS and GN. We rarely watch a movie leaving each other)

The story is the usual good against bad stuff. 2 brothers and 2 sisters are sent from a war ridden country to a quieter countryside to a Professor’s house. There they discover a wardrobe through which one can enter into the magical world of Narnia. They learn about the prophecy of that world and set out to defeat the Witch of Narnia. How they do it with the help of Aslan the Lion forms the rest of the story?

The story’s good. Though i have not read the book, I think the director has done a good job and conveyed most of the story to the audience. The graphics are good as needed for such a movie. The characters Aslan and the Witch are exceptionally good.

Though the story is not a match for Harry Potter and the movie for LOTR, the movie is worth watching.

February 14, 2006

Rama Bhama Shama

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mundha.. i watched it 1 or 2 weeks before i guess.. i had gone to it with my fren Sandy.. our intention was to watch Narnia in PVR.. but we didnt get the tickets.. so we went to this.. Rs 45 and europa class.. super worth of money..

mundha.. from the intro itself… Ramesh asserts himself as director.. and the movie asserts its comedy… and it remains that way… it is the remake of the tamil film (i dont know its name) and the hindi movie biwi no. 1 .. i have watched only the hindi version.. ramesh takes only the theme of it , no scene or music copying.. its different in everything except the theme… and its definitely a lot better than biwi no. 1…

mundha.. the story is the usual stuff.. but the direction is very good.. ramesh has kept the comic touch till the end… and the climax isnt sentimental as in the hindi version… ramesh is his usual in his acting.. always good.. evergreen.. the two lead ladies r ok.. but i liked the kids more in the hindi version, probably as they had more scope there…

mundha.. namma kamal takes most of the praise.. his comic timing is brilliant.. i would love to see him doing more kannada and hindi movies…

mundha.. overall a good movie.. if u r kamal fan or if u like comedy, heres a movie waiting.. if i watch the movie again, it will be for the pair of ramesh and kamal.. they rock..

King Kong

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its been quite a long time since i watched this movie.. but still i remember my response to the movie…

the beast’s eyes fell on beauty and it lost its brutality

the picture’s story is based on that… the first 40 mins or so is quite boring, but as a movie that had to be there to give some logic to the story… a team of many men and a women set off on a naval voyage to shoot for a film, where the director sort of cheats his colleagues by not telling his complete intentions.. and suddenly they tumble upon skull island.. for me, the picture kick starts when the tribals get in.. the tribals have got their bodies pierced in odd places, which look ugly, but its good… our king kong appears just before the interval for one scene and takes off the herione… in the second half, the hero, the director and the crew set off finding the herione.. how they rescue her, how the king kong is the king of his world, how feelings develop b/w king kong and the herione, how the director succeeds in bringing king kong to the town forms the rest of the story…

the direction is splendid.. and the graphics brilliant… Naomi Watts looks beautiful, as she should for the role and does a decent job.. a lengthy movie.. dragged in the beginning and the end….

the best part is.. king kong.. how he fights with the monsters of his world.. how his feelings develop for the herione.. how he protects her.. his emotions.. everything is superbly shown.. the scene where he fights a tyrannosauras to protect the herione is good.. he rips open it’s mouth.. and to test it opens and closes it’s mouth.. it looks cool.. king kong has got style and elegance…

overall a very good movie.. a worthy watch… if i watch the movie again, it will be for king kong..

February 13, 2006

Rang De Basanti

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i have always believed that there r 2 kinds of people :
one who go to their death in screaming
and one who go to their death in silence ;
and then i met the third kind

the movie starts of with this dialogue.. i liked the originality of that.. and the movie continues in the same mode…

i hadnt expected it to be as patriotic as it is.. but this only made me like it more..
the movie begins in the fun mode, the col frens having a thrilling life full of speed and masti, without caring for anything in the world.. and then slowly but surely it makes a transformation into a hard hitting serious mode with a definite message but it retains the light comedy with it.. thruout this u have glimpses of the pre-independence era and our heros then.. those scenes r well timed with the present one.. the climax looks hypothetical.. the film could have done better with a more realistic ending but i think it would not have fared well in the box office then.. but still i liked it the way it ends (its bollywood)..
the fusion of the past and present is excellent, which very few filmmakers can do with such elegance.. the direction is top class… all the actors have done justice to their roles.. Aamir is at his best.. Siddharth i think was the best of the lot.. he has a lot of talent.. i have seen Boys in tamil but i dont quite watch tamil movies.. so i would like him to do more bollywood movies.. Atul Kulkarni, Sharman Joshi and Kunal Kapoor all have done well and their careers will definitely get a boost from this.. the foreign lady does a good job with her role and Soha Ali Khan is sweet and adorable.. Madhavan too has done well in his short role..
and the music is superb… Rehman at his best.. it suits superbly to the situation and theme…. for some tunes u feel like dancing as soon as u hear it..

one of the best movies i have watched… i can watch it many times with as much interest as i had the first time around…


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The shorter form of entertainment..

i love patriotic movies.. i like all the movies in general… its usually very tough for any movie to take a statement of bad from me.. if it takes bad from me, its really an awful movie..

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