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January 27, 2008

My 21st Birthday

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It has been more than a month since my birthday! I have been planning to blog about it since then, but unfortunately the time did not come, until now.

18th December, 2007

Birthdays come and go, and I have never given it too much of importance. Its just “another” reason to celebrate. This time however it was something different, something more than celebration, something special, something nostalgic, something which I wont forget throughout my life.

A birthday starts at 12 midnight. I had got acquainted to that notion. In fact, it started a lot earlier this time. The number of calls and messages I got was unbelievable. Yes, I was expecting calls, but the reality of it was way out of reach of my expectations. So by the time I slept on my birthday, very late in the night or very early in the morning (any which way you see it) , the happiness in my heart had swelled to it’s maximum size.

In my engineering life, though intended to be a “surprise”(at least initially), it had become a “tradition”, you could say, to celebrate our friend’s birthday by going to his home on that day and wishing him, even if it is on the previous day of the exam; the number of people involved in that “our” had been increasing. So, I was expecting my friends to come. No doubt in that.

My friends came around the time I had expected them to come, and as expected, we had a great time. I could have produced the most powerful Patronus in the world just by thinking of those moments! More wishes came throughout the day. More friends came home in the evening. I was overwhelmed by the amount of care and affection shown by all my friends and relatives. It wasn’t just the amount of wishes, it was the quality of it. I don’t know how to explain the “quality” of those feelings in words. I don’t know what made it so special, but it was very very special. I don’t know how to thank all of my friends enough! I am grateful to all of them. I am privileged to have friends like them, privileged to have each one of them as my friend. I am really really lucky to have such friends.

Before going to sleep on that day, I was reliving that entire day. I guess it was the first time that it struck to me that this was our last year of engineering, and from next year, we maybe in different cities, doing different jobs, finding it difficult to find time to meet. Hopefully, we ll keep in touch with each other, but expecting all of us to get together and have fun as regularly as we are having now is completely unrealistic. Will such days ever come again? There is no definite answer. It was a sweet-sour feeling; more sweet for now.

To know that you have good friends, and to know that they care, is something which can’t be expressed in words. Undoubtedly, this was one of the most memorable days in my life. Thanks to everyone who made it so.

Look at the smiles on all the faces. Purely nostalgic! Thank you for everything that all of you have done, including the picture-perfect photographer!

This is completely PRICELESS!! Hats off to the creators!

For all the photos, click here.


March 2, 2006

March 2nd

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Its been a long time since i have blogged. It was really tough to find time. Now i am back but i dont think i will be able to continue my diary section. This a new rejuvenated me from now on. You can recognise that by the change in the writing.

February 17, 2006

Feb 16th

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i had said that we would resume playing cric.. but i didnt expect it would be so early… we were back to our best cricket playing ways… n it coincided with the indo-pak match too… so we played cric for some time n then came to watch the match n by that time India were in a commanding position… so we ate out n went to our col to check about the time table.. there were going to reshuffle us n put us in diff sections.. we wanted to know about that too…

we met our HOD n other teachers.. Asha maam was incharge of the division… HOD said it was going to be 1st 50 usn in one class n the rest in another class.. but we tried negotiating with Asha maam so that we were all in one class.. she said she would try.. but i dont think that would be possible.. so most likely, i am in B sec… the biggest loss is – HOD isnt taking FAFL, he is taking ADA.. FAFL is tougher it seems.. so it would have been nice if he took ADA.. anyway, the biggest loss would have been that we couldnt get the division of class as we wanted but i had never realistically thought that it was possible..

when i came back, my hero RD was batting superbly.. i watched the rest of the match.. n then.. in the evening, my mom had to go to a student’s bro’s wedding to iskcon.. that student was coming for the tuitions n it seems he had requested a lot.. so she had to go n i had accompany her since it was far.. i wasnt interested but went anyway…. the wedding was grand but it was boring..

n while i was coming back thru ‘good shed’ road (have i spelt it rightly?), an auto infront of me hit another auto.. n i had to brake suddenly.. i was trying to move my bike to the right when another auto tried to overtake me from the right.. n the back or left wheel of the auto went over my ankle…

whose mistake was it?.. i had to ground my leg to balance the vehicle n move it to the right.. the driver would not have known my leg was on the ground n its difficult to know where the auto’s back wheel was though he should have known.. but such things happen.. u cant blame him or me.. so i didnt create a scene there.. i went ahead n stopped at the left side of the road n checked my leg….

thank god… the auto wasnt going in full speed, i guess he also had stopped behind me n then accelerated.. thank god, i listened to my mom.. she had forced me into wearing shoes even though i didnt like.. that saved most of the damage to my ankle… so no serious damage done…

the biggest loss of the day was i couldnt find time for blogging…

February 15, 2006

Feb 14th

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i had 2 very disturbing thoughts in my mind, nothing concerned with the speciality of the day though.. they subsided slowly with little help from my fren Rajath… and most of the day belonged to blogging and net…

and now lets come to the speciality of the day.. Valentines day..

my belief on things like Valentine’s day, new year resolutions, Mother’s day, Father’s day, etc, etc is very less… to make a resolution u need not wait till new year.. u need not remember ur mother only on Mother’s day.. and so on.. i havent celebrated all these with lot of vigour due to this reason.. but its not bad to do such things once in a while – to value these things more on this special day once in a year.. but as usual it has been as normal a day as possible today except listening to more romantic music in the comp

so heres my take on love…

a force that is at once more wonderful and more terrible death, than human intelligence, than the forces of nature. It is also, perhaps, the most mysterious of the many subjects for study that reside in this world.”
– Albus Dumbledore on love, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

i believe that love is the most powerful n wonderful feeling in the world.. love can make the impossible, possible.. n on this special day, i salute the power of love…

February 14, 2006

Feb 13th

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first of all.. this was the day i started blogging.. i had been postponing it for about a month.. i wasnt able to find enough time for it.. atlast i decided even if i put just a single post, i am starting now.. and u know fortune favours the brave.. my cousin bro Ravi who introduced me to blogging, met me online in the evening just when i had published a few posts.. he guided me and suggested a few things on which i worked… thanks bro

the rest of the day rounded on cric.. both playing and watching.. india was superb.. when kaif got out, it was looking really tough, but they showed again that they have it in them to be world beaters…

something happened in the day about which i thought a lot.. on how to put it here.. i have decided that i am going to write what my mind thinks here.. but this was restricted and too personal info… so i thought of not putting names in the case where i want it to be hidden… those who can understand will be close enough to me.. so i will not have a problem if they understand.. and here it goes..
so i played cric with my frens.. it wasnt a fight or a quarell that started.. i think heated argument would be a right word.. we decided that we r not going to play cric further.. i wanted to say a lot to them.. and heres the space for it.. i have sent them the link.. and let me see if they read it.. this is what i like about blogging.. i am not sure whether i would have told all this to them in conversation…

here comes the chance for a lecture..
i do what i like to do.. i do them the way i like to do..
at some point, i felt i wasnt interested in ncc and army, so i left it then.. it doesnt mean i didnt enjoy it before or that i dont have respect or gratitude for that.. i loved it when i was in it.. same here, i liked playing cric with them.. and it stays that way..
but there is something more to it too…
i played with them even if i had better things or forms of entertainment to do in my mind..
i play it for fun.. i played fairly.. if i dont get the same fair play from others, i will not play.. i am not playing just for winning.. its for fun… if u get more unwanted factors in the game, then it loses its interest and so i left it..
its not a fight.. i say it again.. we r still the best of frens.. something similar had happened before but we resumed playing cric after a short while.. so this time too we will play cric again.. when?.. i dont know.. who will compromise?.. i dont know.. but i am sure that we will play cric again..
i dont know whether i did the right thing or not.. i dont whether i was rude… but its gone.. so no more thinking about that… i have done it… i thought it was right then.. i will believe that i have done the right thing.. if i am wrong, when am i going to realise it?.. god knows.. but until then, i am what i am.. i would like people to accept me and like me as i am.. i have changed and will keep changing, for better or worse, god knows but i will.. there r some instincts which take a long time to change though.. no regrets…

and this is just for the person with whom i had a heated conversation..
such thinking never leads u anywhere…
and quicker u understand that the better it will be..

ur loving fren
sorry – i hope i am not becoming a philosopher

my fren told that he understood only 20% percent of what i said here, so i am adding this under the “The Magical Me” category… lol

February 13, 2006

Feb 12th

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after a long time, the event of going to rang de with my frens had finalised.. i had already watched it once but wanted to watch it again with my frens who hadnt watched it.. so Rajath and me went to Urvashi in the morn and booked the tickets.. my school frens Sunil and Sandeep, my col frens Rajath, Ajay Kumar CS and Ajay GN were coming with me..

around 10 i was back to home after booking.. i spent most of the time in the net.. suddenly my col frens turned up at 12.30.. we played cric and left for the movie at 2..

i always think that u know the true value of a movie if u watch it again.. rang de was brilliant all the way.. i enjoyed every moment of it..

after the movie, we ate out… and after coming to my house, i was in the net most of the time.. i watched Karate Kid 2 later.. i wasnt able to watch it completely.. i had already watched its first part . but it was a sweet movie and i liked it..

at the end of the day, i felt… we 4 col frens hadnt been able to go out for a movie or a long outing for a month or so.. someone or the other wouldnt be able to make it.. so atlast we made it and i thought the jinx ( read Harry Potter-HP in short ) that troubled our group was destroyed…


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