Freely Scripted Soul


Atlast I am entering the world of magic – BLOGGING. I love the world of internet, and the best thing is that you can 'think' and say what you want – it need not be a split second decision but a well thought one. Moreover, you have no one interrupting you in the middle of it. You can interact with each other in your own free time at your own will.

Ok. Enough of that. Let me come to myself.

My thinking over the years has changed a lot. So this is the new me and tommorrow, it is going to be another new me. In short, I am newat all time .
I will try to post both my usual routines like a diary(less of it, just important things which I would like to mention) and things that I would like to talk about this world in general.

I hope that all of you would love me, and have patience to read my posts. I would love criticism too – guide me with what knowledge you have.

I dont know how many or who is going to read this, but I think and feel that I am saying this out loudly to the world (including god)

I wish that I would one day or the other be the Harry Potter of this magic world.

Now, you can have……

I want to just ENJOY life. When you go through my posts, you will get to know that i am weird, different, etc but have patience and please adjust. Since, if you come to know more about me, you will know that sometimes I can be more horrible.
I wasnt sure about what to write about myself. In the end, I thought of using my IQ test report…..

This is what a Tickle super IQ test told about me. I thought of providing a link to that report but you need my password to access it. So I will pick some(which I feel important) points from that report and put it here. You have to believe what i say here

My thinking style is : (WOW, What a kool name!!!!!)


My IQ score is 125 (not bad, is it?). I am highly intelligent (realllllyyyyy), complex person (of course). I "think outside the box" (thats why everyone cant understand me). I have a highly imaginative and innovative mind (that is why i am putting all this here). I top scored in the areas of Reasoning, Spatial and Logical dimensions or scales or abilities(what r all these, can anyone explain?). I can spot both numerical and visual patterns(oh!! this is going out of my hand). My lowest score is in mechanical ability – 82/100 (ah!!! thats better. Thank god, I didnt opt for Mechanical engineering or any other related branch. Anyway, I didnt need this report to tell that. My score in 1st sem Mech only tells- 54/100)



  1. i completely agree with the Snape’s Worst Memory and i may add that this theory may also be implemented on Draco malfoy and Hermoine…give that a thought as well…i do believe Ron and Hermoine will end up and it should end up like that but, i do think malfoy has feelings for her which he may realise later on that is if he survives the next book.Also Snape may die saving Harry’s life ( at least he will save his life) and by doing that he will repay the debt he owes james for saving his life.

    Comment by akrash — July 5, 2006 @ 7:19 am | Reply

  2. There are lots of Draco-Hermoine “shippers” in the net. Its possible but to me, its less likely as its not neccesary that “history” repeats 😉
    About Snape: Yes, he may save Harry’s life or die for Harry but I wouldnt put too much on the debt he owes to James. To me that debt is “over” when Snape saved Harry’s life in the 1st book.
    One more thing I would like to point out is, according to Dumbledore, Wormtail owes a “life debt” to Harry but in GOF, Harry is “nearly” killed infront of Wormtail and Wormtail does nothing which can be accounted for that life debt.

    Comment by Roshan — July 12, 2006 @ 4:52 am | Reply

  3. WoW, grrrreattt web sitttte.

    I wanttt to eatttt some tttikka and rrrride an elephant afterrr reading this.

    Comment by Raghhav — October 4, 2008 @ 6:01 pm | Reply

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