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June 19, 2006

Snape’s loyalty

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I have come across some very interesting information in mugglenet.

Snape is a double-crosser

Snape – the Dark Lord

They are very well written editorials.

It is convincing but I am not yet convinced completely.


It assumes that (what I have understood from what it says)

  • Snape brought “Voldemort’s downfall” by telling the part-prophecy to him i.e. Snape knew the complete prophecy but didn’t say it to him.
  • Snape requested Voldemort to not harm Lily and knew that Lily would give the protection of LOVE to Harry and the killing curse would backfire on Voldemort.


There is no direct proof for/against Snape saying only a “part” of the prophecy to Voldemort intentionally.

If Snape knew the complete prophecy, Dumbledore would know that he knew it, and if Voldemort had got even a small idea about the prophecy, then Dumbledore would suspect Snape to be behind it, but as we very well know, Dumbledore trusted Snape till the end.

There are people who think Dumbledore asked Snape to tell the part-prophecy to bring about Voldemort’s downfall but I don’t think he would risk the Potters’ life (including Harry Potter) – considering that he had no idea about the protection Lily could give to Harry and he doesn’t believe too much in fortune telling to work on Trelawney’s words (he blamesVoldemort to have acted foolishly on Trelawney’s words which obviously means he wouldn’t have done the same foolish thing).


Now, there is proof that Snape, Dumbledore, Voldemort and Lily didn’t know before, about the protection which Lily gave to Harry – not in the books but in J.K. Rowling’s interview just after the release of Half Blood Prince

"MA: Did she know anything about the possible effect of standing in front of Harry?

JKR: No – because as I've tried to make clear in the series, it never happened before. No one ever survived before. And no one, therefore, knew that could happen."


It definitely rules out Snape or Dumbledore knowing/predicting about that protection.

So there is a flaw in the theory which says Snape is a double-crosser and which says Dumbledore made Snape say a part-prophecy to Voldemort.


Book facts which say about Snape’s loyalty towards Voldemort and/or Dumbledore


In the Philosopher’s Stone:

  • Snape says that he didn’t know Voldemort was behind the Philosopher’s Stone and he just saw the “weak” Quirell behind it. Even Harry came to know that Voldemort was the “main” person behind the Philosopher’s Stone. Now, you will have to agree that Snape is a very good wizard. So couldn’t Snape realize that??? Dumbledore wouldn’t have shifted the Stone from Gringotts to Hogwarts, thinking about someone like Quirell – it was done keeping Voldemort in mind and Snape would very well know that. So I think he lied.
  • Snape says he saved Harry’s life as he had to, in front of Dumbledore. If Snape can fool Dumbledore about his loyalty to Voldemort, then fooling Dumbledore about the threat to Harry’s life would be positively easy!!! So again I think he lied.


In the Order of Phoenix and the Half Blood Prince:

  • Snape informed the order that Harry had been to the Ministry of Magic but in Spinner’s End, he conceals this information from Bellatrix.Snape knew that Harry would have been lured to the Ministry of Magic by Voldemort from the beginning. If he was faithful to Voldemort, he would not have said it to the Order and could have somehow fooled the order and Dumbledore.

So I can surely say that Snape hasn’t been “completely” faithful to Voldemort.


The only thing which can surely determine Snape’s loyalty towards Dumbledore’s is Dumbledore’s “death”. There is lot of doubt in this incident. There are many things which haven’t been clearly stated in the book (to maintain the suspense, obviously). So I can’t surely say thatSnape is faithful to Dumbledore, but I believe he is.




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