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February 17, 2006

Ind vs Pak – 4th ODI

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as a cricket fan, i would want pak to win this one so that the last match would be the series decider.. but as an indian, i would want India to win this one n the next one n everything thereafter too.. i guess the Indian in me is more dominant…

i had expected a real tough match, pak giving their best.. after Dravid won the toss n put pak into batting, i had expected a total of around 300 this time around.. but it turned out to be worst batting display by the pak team.. the Indians bowled well excluding the no. of wides RP Singh bowled.. but the pakistanis should blame themselves for a poor batting display.. their top order has failed in every match other than the first one, for their shot selection has been poor.. this time the man in form Malik too was dismissed early.. Yousuf n Inzi played pretty well though.. but once Yousuf got out the road was extremely tough… but i hadnt thought they would be all out till Inzi was there at the crease.. but even Inzi couldnt stop the disaster… they were all out for a very low total of 161..

this total wasnt in any way enough to test the strong Indian line up on such a good batting wicket.. Sami was good to start off.. he had to prove his critics wrong, i guess.. Asif wasnt at his usual best.. Sachin n Gambhir went early but Dravid n Yuvi played really well to take the match out of the Pakistanis hand.. Raina got his first chance in the series n he looked good.. hes a promising player to look forward to.. but Kaif’s poor form continues.. if he this continues in 1 or 2 more matches, i wouldnt be surprised if he is dropped or made a super-sub n Raina replacing him (since Chapell is the head now, not Ganguly)..

India won the match comfortably even though they would have liked to have lost a few wickets less.. Pak have to really pull up their socks now…

the after match comments by Dravid were great.. when Ramiz asked him what his plan would be for the England team which is touring India next, Dravid’s reply was that he would think about the next match against Pak now n then he would think about the England team.. way to go…

Imran Khan made a good point in the show after the match.. he said.. good teams analyse their losses – how they lost n what were their weaknesses, great teams even analyse their wins – how they won n what were their strengths… Pak was definitely defensive in the first 2 tests n in the ODIs, neither did they take adv of the test series win nor did they play to their strengths.. that was what he intended to say i think… n Imran n i both feel that the coaches of both sides were the most imp factor that decided the fate of the series..
India is now looking a good ODI team.. Dravid n Chapell have really done a good job.. i think they r one good bowler short though…


  1. It would be disappointing to see, as you told, Kaif becoming super sub. Don’t forget Dravid was also being dismissed as 1 day player early in his career.
    Also Kaif demonstrated an unforgettable way of comeback by performing amazingly in Ranaji and captaining his team to victory.
    I have same or more amount of confidence in Kaif than I had in Dravid because Kaif has already captained many series wins in U-x(17/19) cups and is a huge asset for the future.

    Comment by Rk — February 17, 2006 @ 12:47 pm | Reply

  2. some imporrtant things i noted about this match;
    Team india was not complacent (the comment of Dravid explains it).
    Team India is really working as a team and not counting on individual performance ( Sehwag not played and Tendulkar didn’t click)
    Nobody payed attention that Dravid fell 12 run short for his 9000 runs.
    Ramiz Raja talking to RP Singh in hindi but to Inzy he was talking in english, it was kind of humorous after the match, knowing pretty well that Inzy can’t speak english properly.
    Even after winning the toss india was not able to utilize the Super Sub, given the fact that the rule was criticized by the Indian captain.
    Aaj Tak showed the clipping after the match: “Dhoni ka balla aaj phir chala” ( Dhoni smashed once again) though he scored only two runs. there are some questions i want to put forward here, considering the above points; The role of media?, they never presented the above mentioned points. i can’t understand why?

    Comment by atul tayade — February 17, 2006 @ 2:36 pm | Reply

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