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February 17, 2006

Feb 16th

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i had said that we would resume playing cric.. but i didnt expect it would be so early… we were back to our best cricket playing ways… n it coincided with the indo-pak match too… so we played cric for some time n then came to watch the match n by that time India were in a commanding position… so we ate out n went to our col to check about the time table.. there were going to reshuffle us n put us in diff sections.. we wanted to know about that too…

we met our HOD n other teachers.. Asha maam was incharge of the division… HOD said it was going to be 1st 50 usn in one class n the rest in another class.. but we tried negotiating with Asha maam so that we were all in one class.. she said she would try.. but i dont think that would be possible.. so most likely, i am in B sec… the biggest loss is – HOD isnt taking FAFL, he is taking ADA.. FAFL is tougher it seems.. so it would have been nice if he took ADA.. anyway, the biggest loss would have been that we couldnt get the division of class as we wanted but i had never realistically thought that it was possible..

when i came back, my hero RD was batting superbly.. i watched the rest of the match.. n then.. in the evening, my mom had to go to a student’s bro’s wedding to iskcon.. that student was coming for the tuitions n it seems he had requested a lot.. so she had to go n i had accompany her since it was far.. i wasnt interested but went anyway…. the wedding was grand but it was boring..

n while i was coming back thru ‘good shed’ road (have i spelt it rightly?), an auto infront of me hit another auto.. n i had to brake suddenly.. i was trying to move my bike to the right when another auto tried to overtake me from the right.. n the back or left wheel of the auto went over my ankle…

whose mistake was it?.. i had to ground my leg to balance the vehicle n move it to the right.. the driver would not have known my leg was on the ground n its difficult to know where the auto’s back wheel was though he should have known.. but such things happen.. u cant blame him or me.. so i didnt create a scene there.. i went ahead n stopped at the left side of the road n checked my leg….

thank god… the auto wasnt going in full speed, i guess he also had stopped behind me n then accelerated.. thank god, i listened to my mom.. she had forced me into wearing shoes even though i didnt like.. that saved most of the damage to my ankle… so no serious damage done…

the biggest loss of the day was i couldnt find time for blogging…

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  1. I guess it is “goods shed” and the “s” got clubbed in general pronunciation.

    Comment by Rk — February 17, 2006 @ 12:40 pm | Reply

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