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February 14, 2006


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i love this place.. i have trekked this hill for 4 times, thru 3 different routes, one completely different from the other two and in this route, i have gone twice.. but still i would love visiting this place.. the best place for beginners in trekking… i cant recollect all my visits here.. but i will try my best to recollect everything about the last time i had been there…

it was around a year before… 1st sem holiday perhaps.. i suggested the idea of trekking to my pals Ajay Kumar CS, Ajay GN, Rajath and Harsha.. Harsha couldnt make it but i persuaded the others finally.. this was our first outing, outside Bangalore… i was the one who had been there before.. so i had to take the responsibility… GN had been to treks before while the other two werent used to it.. and Rajath’s fren Mahesh who was my school classmate also joined us.. he liked trekking too..

there r very few buses to this place, none from Majestic, just 1 or 2 govt buses from Market… there were 1 or 2 private buses too.. but the govt bus supposed to leave at 6.15am was the most suited to us.. so we all met in my house around 5.30 (sorry, the time might be half an hour here and there – my long term memory isnt too good)… around 6 we were there but the bus didnt turn up.. it only came around 7 and we reached the place around 9.30…

we had our breakfast and started our trek… our route was the one which we could go without guides.. it was thru the steep hill surrounded by rocks and not much greenery.. that is, we didnt go thru the forests.. it was quite steep sometimes.. but it was easily manageable.. and the scenery was beautiful.. CS was a bit worried about the steepness… he was always thinking that how he was going to get down… we had to keep motivating him.. it was real fun.. and since no one had been there before, i used to tell fictitious percentages of the complete trek.. 50% comp.. 90% comp.. at one stage, i said 95% comp and we still had quite a long way to go…. it was fun though and they realised i had been just trying to motivate them when we reached the top.. yeah, it was that too but more that i wasnt able to recollect the exact %, asthe last time i had visited this was 1 or 2 yrs before – so again the memory glitch…
we spent some time at the top.. discussing our I sem percentage… we had all taught about the possibilities of scores – the least and the average score.. a look now into this says that i got atleast 5% less than what i had said would be my least possible score and 10% less than what i had said would be my average score… che.. i would like to forget that…

the way down was as easy or difficult as the way up.. its not that easy to come down a steep slope.. CS had overcome his worry… we took little time to come down, btw we didnt take much time to climb either.. so by afternoon, we were down and we had our lunch in a nearby park… it was told to us that the last and only bus(govt) would be around 5 or 6… we had still around 2 hrs to go.. so we had played in the park and explored the place.. and we decided to drink something as our water supplies had finished. so we came out of the park to drink yelleneeru (coconut water)… as soon as we had finished drinking we saw a bus go thru.. the road was around 25m from us… we ran and screamed.. thank god, he stopped around 50m far from us.. when we climbed it, we came to know that this was the last bus.. but it was still 4.. they had left early as there seemed to be no one coming at that time.. we were lucky…
in the end.. when all of us think about it.. we feel that we had a gr8 time..

gr8 place.. highly adventurous and safe.. i wish to go there again.. i would recommend it to all beginners in trek.. like a ncc trip(that was how i had gone there 2 times), school trek, frens wanting a day’s outing…


  1. Hello Roshan,
    My dear pal, you have done a fantastic job.
    Your site is cool.Keep it up.

    Comment by Lohith K V — March 30, 2006 @ 6:51 pm | Reply

  2. thanks.. i would definitely try “to keep it up”…

    Comment by Roshan — March 31, 2006 @ 1:22 pm | Reply

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