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February 14, 2006

Mysore – Art gallery

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The world is full of beautiful places

i had been to Mysore with my uncle last week.. he had some official paperwork to get done and i accompanied him since it was my holidays.. i hadnt seen Mysore for many years and we taught of going to some splendid places.. but we could find very little time inbetween the official work.. and with that little time, he asked me where we could go.. i hadnt seen any art gallery (as far as i can remember).. he said it was good and so we went there…

the gallery was beautiful.. i will describe them in the order in which i liked them…

GLOW OF HOPE painting was the best… the painting is of a woman who is holding a candle but concealing the candle from us with her hands… the lighting effect is so natural that u actually think light is coming from a candle which is there behind her hands.. gr8.. its a treat for the eyes.. i havent seen ‘mona lisa’ painting.. but for now, i think no painting can beat this..

the musical clock was gr8.. at that time they had done such a marvellous clock… they had rice grains on which art was displayed… again gr8…

the oil paintings were very good.. from displaying kings in their grandeur to the history of gr8 people, everything was spell bound…

along with all the wonderful paintings, musical instruments which look very artistic, plates on which art has been engraved and gifts from other kingdoms were being diplayed..

all in all, when i came out, i was left wondering about the grandeur of the mysore kingdom.. i spent around 1 1/2 hr there (only due to the lack of time), though i felt that u could spend double that amount of time there quite easily.. probably that was one of the best worth of my time i have ever got…

along with this, i got some interesting info about the mysore kings from my uncle who was there when the last mysore ruler ruled mysore.. he said…

the mysore king’s dynasty was cursed.. no king would ever have his own children.. the story goes that some women was chased by the mysore soldiers after a war and she drowned herself in a river and put that curse on the dynasty.. so each king would adopt his son from the public.. sometimes he would adopt the kid to whom his elephant would put a garland upon..

how much of that is really true?.. i dont know.. but i believe my uncle..

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  1. I like looking through a post that can make men and women think.
    Also, thanks for permitting me to comment!

    Comment by algerie djezzy — September 1, 2013 @ 11:41 am | Reply

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