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February 14, 2006

King Kong

Filed under: Movies — Roshan @ 10:32 am

its been quite a long time since i watched this movie.. but still i remember my response to the movie…

the beast’s eyes fell on beauty and it lost its brutality

the picture’s story is based on that… the first 40 mins or so is quite boring, but as a movie that had to be there to give some logic to the story… a team of many men and a women set off on a naval voyage to shoot for a film, where the director sort of cheats his colleagues by not telling his complete intentions.. and suddenly they tumble upon skull island.. for me, the picture kick starts when the tribals get in.. the tribals have got their bodies pierced in odd places, which look ugly, but its good… our king kong appears just before the interval for one scene and takes off the herione… in the second half, the hero, the director and the crew set off finding the herione.. how they rescue her, how the king kong is the king of his world, how feelings develop b/w king kong and the herione, how the director succeeds in bringing king kong to the town forms the rest of the story…

the direction is splendid.. and the graphics brilliant… Naomi Watts looks beautiful, as she should for the role and does a decent job.. a lengthy movie.. dragged in the beginning and the end….

the best part is.. king kong.. how he fights with the monsters of his world.. how his feelings develop for the herione.. how he protects her.. his emotions.. everything is superbly shown.. the scene where he fights a tyrannosauras to protect the herione is good.. he rips open it’s mouth.. and to test it opens and closes it’s mouth.. it looks cool.. king kong has got style and elegance…

overall a very good movie.. a worthy watch… if i watch the movie again, it will be for king kong..


  1. Somehow, I am the odd one who disliked the film..the length took to me..and also I have other complaints.
    Apart from the beautiful heroine and a humane beast(pun intended), there were no impressive things in the film. Also came to know there was an age old film (1950s) by the same name and theme, also comics based on it.

    Comment by Rk — February 15, 2006 @ 10:59 am | Reply

    • Although Jackson’s movie is still worlds better than the 1976 “Kong” incarnation it still falls drastically short of the wonderful original from 1933. It’s tough remaking one of the greatest American films, but I thought Jackson did a fairly decent job.

      Comment by Jonathan Burrello — September 27, 2009 @ 12:07 am | Reply

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