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February 14, 2006

Feb 13th

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first of all.. this was the day i started blogging.. i had been postponing it for about a month.. i wasnt able to find enough time for it.. atlast i decided even if i put just a single post, i am starting now.. and u know fortune favours the brave.. my cousin bro Ravi who introduced me to blogging, met me online in the evening just when i had published a few posts.. he guided me and suggested a few things on which i worked… thanks bro

the rest of the day rounded on cric.. both playing and watching.. india was superb.. when kaif got out, it was looking really tough, but they showed again that they have it in them to be world beaters…

something happened in the day about which i thought a lot.. on how to put it here.. i have decided that i am going to write what my mind thinks here.. but this was restricted and too personal info… so i thought of not putting names in the case where i want it to be hidden… those who can understand will be close enough to me.. so i will not have a problem if they understand.. and here it goes..
so i played cric with my frens.. it wasnt a fight or a quarell that started.. i think heated argument would be a right word.. we decided that we r not going to play cric further.. i wanted to say a lot to them.. and heres the space for it.. i have sent them the link.. and let me see if they read it.. this is what i like about blogging.. i am not sure whether i would have told all this to them in conversation…

here comes the chance for a lecture..
i do what i like to do.. i do them the way i like to do..
at some point, i felt i wasnt interested in ncc and army, so i left it then.. it doesnt mean i didnt enjoy it before or that i dont have respect or gratitude for that.. i loved it when i was in it.. same here, i liked playing cric with them.. and it stays that way..
but there is something more to it too…
i played with them even if i had better things or forms of entertainment to do in my mind..
i play it for fun.. i played fairly.. if i dont get the same fair play from others, i will not play.. i am not playing just for winning.. its for fun… if u get more unwanted factors in the game, then it loses its interest and so i left it..
its not a fight.. i say it again.. we r still the best of frens.. something similar had happened before but we resumed playing cric after a short while.. so this time too we will play cric again.. when?.. i dont know.. who will compromise?.. i dont know.. but i am sure that we will play cric again..
i dont know whether i did the right thing or not.. i dont whether i was rude… but its gone.. so no more thinking about that… i have done it… i thought it was right then.. i will believe that i have done the right thing.. if i am wrong, when am i going to realise it?.. god knows.. but until then, i am what i am.. i would like people to accept me and like me as i am.. i have changed and will keep changing, for better or worse, god knows but i will.. there r some instincts which take a long time to change though.. no regrets…

and this is just for the person with whom i had a heated conversation..
such thinking never leads u anywhere…
and quicker u understand that the better it will be..

ur loving fren
sorry – i hope i am not becoming a philosopher

my fren told that he understood only 20% percent of what i said here, so i am adding this under the “The Magical Me” category… lol


  1. this is what i like about blogging.. i am not sure whether i would have told all this to them in conversation…
    So true….
    Regd thanks, hey menschion not !

    Comment by Rk — February 15, 2006 @ 10:51 am | Reply

  2. Many thanks regarding the awsome article. I will keep an eye on your blog, i allready saved it to personal list 🙂

    Comment by Letitia Sulfridge — December 29, 2010 @ 12:46 pm | Reply

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